The Ties That Bind Stageplay

"THE TIES THAT BIND" is NOT just another stage play, it is a "REAL LIFE DRAMATICALLY FUNNY STAGE PLAY" that will touch the heart of the social issues we face today; Bullying, Sexual, Physical & Mental abuse, Low Self Esteem, Alcoholism, Depression, and Suicide!

The Ties That Bind is based on the lives of three families who struggle with their own family issues. When secrets are revealed amongst the families it causes a butterfly effect that will cause death and the loss of freedom at the hands of another.


The tragedies of these life changing events will bring a breakthrough for the women and their daughters to find strength to press on through their trials and will bring the men, the head of the family to a place where either they will find salvation for their faults or be lost forever in the world of their own sins.

This Production will make you laugh, it will make you cry and it will make you have a good time

Meet the cast of The Ties That Bind


This weekend was such a blessing to my soul. On Saturday, September 22, I had the pleasure of witnessing the stage play, "The Ties That Bind", by LaRay Productions. This production brought out such thought provoking issues that many, many people deal with every day.


I went through every range of emotion there is...laughter, tears, shock, and some other stuff. My son & daughter-in-law made their acting debut in this play and I can't even put into words how proud I was. The entire cast gave stellar performances and left me wanting more.


If you missed it, you missed a huge blessing. When the show runs again, AND IT WILL, make sure you're front and center to witness the spectacular vision of LaRay (songstress/songwriter/actress & playwright) come to life. Congratulations to the entire cast, production and management team and anyone else who had a hand in bringing this production to life. Well Done!! - G. Stewart

The Ties that Bind Play....Was stunningly amazing to


I've never seen my sister (Rosalynd) perform in a play..can i say i was amazed..she stepped out her comfort zone..n put her heart into the character n brought the character to life..she gave a powerful performance...a performance that felt so real because of the raw emotion she put in....


Tony Manley My Brother...playing the role of a detective looked so natural as he performed....U couldn't tell me he wasn't a detective in real life...but when he broke out n sang it was crowd pleasing..His performance....singing..n his hidden messages in the play was amazing...he was a detective...but also he was a soul healer..


I was in front couldn't help but to yell out...that play will make u laugh...make u cry...actually makes u soul search n reflect on your life n family.....I would definitely give this play 8 fingers n 2 thumbs Ms Southeast gave me LIFE while watching the play...everybody has a sister like her....Loved It...

- T. Woods